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The SCORE Association, headquartered in Washington, D.C., is a nonprofit association dedicated to entrepreneurial education and the formation, growth and success of small businesses nationwide. Our public service mission is to provide face-to-face and email business counseling to help small businesses evaluate plans, stabilize, grow, innovate and succeed.

SCORE is composed of 10,500 volunteer business mentors, both working and retired, who counsel businesses from 389 chapter offices throughout the country. SCORE volunteers hail from every facet of the business community. Some have worked at large corporations such as Kodak, Xerox and Boeing. Some have served in our military or worked for the local or federal government. Others have spent years cultivating their own small business.

SCORE's mission is to assist small businesses grow and prosper through the use of knowledgeable business volunteers..

Are You Bankable?

Many start-up businesses have difficulty finding capital for their businesses.  To determine your chances of obtaining a SBA start-up loan go to

Take the test and evaluate your score.

Need Information On Your Competitors?
Go to and make a limited search on- line.  If you need a more extensive search, go to a library that subscribes to this web site.
Registering A Business In CT?
Many start=up businesses are confused at the amount of forms and agencies to contact in order to legally set up their business.  There is now a one-stop shop in Connecticut that can lead you through the red tape jungle.  Go to the Connecticut Licensing  Center for more information on how to start smart.
Why A Business Plan?
A frequently asked question.  A Business Plan forces the business owner to evaluate the viability of his business idea in dollars and cents.  Secondly, if financial backing is needed, a business plan is mandatory.  To get a valuable handout primer on how to write a business plan, attend one of Chapter 56's Workshops.  You'll be glad you did.